Varicose_vein_valves_thumbThe Coumadin Clinic at Central Texas Heart Center was established to educate and inform patients on the use and effects of the prescribed drug Coumadin®.

We have educated hundreds of patients about the health benefits and precautions of taking Coumadin®. Getting to know you and your lifestyle is critical when your physician prescribes Coumadin®. Lifestyle means a person’s activity level and eating habits. Coumadin® patients need to understand the importance of monitoring this drug so it can be most effective in establishing a healthy heart.

The Coumadin Clinic at CTHC monitors, tracks, and adjust the levels of Coumadin®  under the care of your physician.

What is Coumadin®? Coumadin® is the brand name by DuPont Pharmaceuticals Company, of warfarin sodium, an anticoagulant drug.

What does Coumadin® do? Coumadin® lowers the body’s ability to make blood clots.

Why do I need Coumadin®? Coumadin® is administered by your physician for conditions such as atrial fibrillation, stroke reduction therapy, transplant patient medication, and other conditions where your physician deems drug therapy necessary.

At the Coumadin Clinic at CTHC, after a physician prescribes Coumadin®, your blood will need to be tested regularly to maintain a target level of medication in your system as established by your physician. A simple finger stick will yield enough blood to test and determine the frequency upon which a patient must return to re-test for target blood levels of Coumadin®.

The freequency upon which the Coumadin Clinic must test and re-test your blood levels is established upon several variables. One variable is diet. Other foods and their chemical compounds interact with Coumadin® and need to be monitored. Another variable that affects Coumadin® levels in the blood is what other medications you are currently taking. Drug interaction is always important, and monitoring this area is crucial to the effectiveness of your drug therapy as prescribed by your physician. Another important variable looked at when maintaining a target level of medication is the activity level of the patient. These variables are what we call your “lifestyle.” At the Coumadin Clinic at CTHC, we try to adjust the medication to meet your lifestyle rather than the other way around, while maintaining the target level of medication prescribed by your physician.

Whenever there is a question about your medication, always contact your physician. The Coumadin Clinic at CTHC will answer your general questions and educate you on what you need to do while on Coumadin®. Remember that your activity and eating habits change constantly, and re-testing of your blood is vital to keeping you healthy.

You change your activity and eating habits around holidays and when traveling for example. This is where the Coumadin Clinic at CTHC can assist you with your general questions.

We are here to help you maintain the proper target levels of Coumadin® as prescribed by your physician. For further information, contact your physician or Landa, our anti-coagulation nurse at the CTHC Coumadin Clinic at 979-774-4008, ext. 228.  If you feel you need help immediately or suddenly feel ill, call 911 for emergency help.